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David Tennant on Absolute Radio

#His face here practically makes me cry #This is David Tennant okay - David. Tennant. #He’s been in a billion shows and movies and the opinion of one person shouldn’t really matter considering how famous and well-known he is #But it does - you can tell in his face #That he is obviously completely and utterly touched by this caller #He’s literally overcome by emotions and can’t even get the words out #After all this time after all these fans and shows and everything #He is still so humble and down-to-earth and just such a perfect person #And his face just kills me #Because as famous as he is #The fact that he still feels so strongly about his ability to touch people’s lives #Is just the most precious thing about him #He really feels like he’s just a normal guy living an extraordinary life #And I find that to be completely amazing #Many tend to lose themselves when they get famous #But David Tennant is always just himself #and he is brilliant (via winterinthetardis)


And the fact that in the deepest, most personal corners of his heart, David’s eight-year-old self is SOBBING WITH JOY that children are looking at him and calling him the “best Doctor,” because being the Doctor was something he’s wanted so badly for so long. 

#I have a lot of David Tennant feelings #That don’t necessarily just relate to the adorableness of his face #Because all of him is adorable #his heart and his personality and his good nature #I am genuinely thoroughly happy for him that he’s doing what he loves and making a good living at it #He’s found a woman he loves and has a family #Because he’s such a lovely person #And it’s awesome when lovely things happen to lovely people


Love to go crazy over his stupid hair and his stupid smile and his stupid face with its stupid freckles and his stupid chocolate brown eyes with stupid crinkles and his stupid bottom lip and his stupid neck and his stupid hands with stupidly long fingers and stupid narrow hips and stupid lanky frame 


He’s such a good person too with so many admirable qualities to his personality and I. Just. Can’t.

all. of. this.

Words cannot explain my love for this man.

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